Privacy Policy

We at Ideal Stock Investment Advisor understand the confidentiality of your personal information and maintain it forever.

We understand that the information which you have given us is to be kept private and confidential, and we keep up the promise that we will safeguard the information of our clients whether old or new. The information like your name, mobile no, email id, address etc are required for the company as well as the client as it helps in better communication of the services. Following policy has been implemented for safeguarding the information.

  • The personal information would not be rented, sold, exchanged given or transferred to any person or company without your consent or reason.

  • We have physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect personal information about you and your account Information is password-protected.

  • The information provided by you would be used only for rendering the services for which you have subscribed with us and not for any other purpose.

  • The personal info like mail id, address or mobile no may be used to introduce new products and services or newsletters, new packages, events, or any other profitable services started by the company for enhancement of our relationship.

  • Once you provide us the information we assume that you agree with the terms and conditions and even the privacy policy of the company.

  • If you register yourself on our website it means that you are authorizing us to use your number to send SMS and can call you whenever needed, which is in accordance of our privacy policy. In case if there is any change in your contact info you would let us know about this prior through any mode you like.

  • We can contact even if you have a DO Not Disturb facility activated on your mobile so if you register with you serve us with the right to send SMS on this number facility also.

  • We may invite you for polls and contest or feedbacks posted on our website or on your mail, replying to such mails or participating in such activities is voluntary no obligations.


Refund Policy


All sales are final. SAI ONE STEP WEALTH offers a free trial evaluation to ensure our products and services shall meet the client requirement without any paid subscription, thus we offer NO REFUND and CANCELLATION. Before deciding to subscribe to our service, please make sure to take our free trail , the evaluation version that we provide. We do not offer refund on subscriptions that have already be taken. Also no partial Refund or Cancellation is allowed on any subscription( Monthly/Quarterly,Half yearly or Yearly)

Due to any technical reason,if payment received twice for a single transaction, the one transaction amount will be refunded via same source within 7 to 10 working days.


For this reason we strongly recommend that before payment , our visitors:


  • Read  all information , about our services and support given to our clients

  • Evaluate the quality of our services by taking free trail

  • Read all about our company

  • Read our Terms of use

  • Read our Privacy policy


By making a payment for membership to our site, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above No Refund and No Cancellation policy.

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