Frequently asked questions

I am completely new to stock markets with very little knowledge. Can I still opt for your service and invest in the stock markets?

It is good that you are a newbie. In stock markets you just need to know two things to make money.

  1. Entry point.
  2. Exit Point.

We provide you both the points in a very technical and strategic manner. Any additional knowledge will only complicate things further. Leave the technical study to us.

I want to learn about stock markets. Do you provide any training?

Yes. We provide Basic to Advance level of Stock market training .You can enroll for that if you wish.

If I subscribe to you, what is the minimum amount I need to start investing?

For initiating all the intraday recommendation & getting assured EOD profit Min 50-75k is required, otherwise some time you will miss the opportunity.

Following points should be followed religiously.

  • Never take a loan to invest money in stock markets. Never borrow and invest.
  • Invest only that amount which you do not need for the next one year.

What is the subscription process?

Please follow the instructions on the link and the rest will be taken care off. Its that simple!

Do you provide any support post subscription?

Yes. We provide call/email/message support for all your queries once you a member.

How many calls do you provide in a week/month/year?

The number of calls will tend to vary depending on the market situation.

Min 20-23call per month

How are the recommendations sent? Email/SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram?

Our Recommendations are sent via Telegram.

Do you provide different calls to different clients?

No. Everybody gets the same set of calls.

Do you provide Portfolio Management Service (PMS)?


Do you provide any trials?


Do you provide any recommendations in commodities ?


Any other question?

Please send us all your queries at be assured that it will be answered. You could also call us at +91-9148425366 for general/non-technical queries.

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