Sai One Step Wealth Equity & FNO services is a dedicated service which provides research based recommendation for Intraday , Short term & Long term trading. Our services are chiefly designed for Traders and Investors to provide most appropriate solution.

Intraday Trading Recommendation


In this service we provide Intraday Stock cash tips, Stock F&O tips, Index F&O tips & Expiry Hero Vs Zero option tips for intraday traders.


Our Research does in depth analysis using Fundamental, Technical, Derivative & Economic factors to give best return with low risk in our intraday recommendation.

We provide trading advise & levels of buying and selling with proper targets and stop loss, this also reduces the risk for trader and they book profits in the day itself, they don’t have to take overnight market risk.





  • We give share tips in live market, no pre market tips.

  • Do trade in all calls with equal amount / lots.

  • Do trade according to given levels and keep given stoploss(SL)  as guided.

  • If stoploss trigger just exit don\'t try to average at lower prices.

  • Trade all our share tips; don’t try to select our share tips.Then only we can balance our profits and losses systematically.

  • After execution of your trade immediately place the sell order of target price, Don’t wait for price to reach our target

  • Book 80% of your shares near to 1st Target only , For remaining share maintain trailing sl near cost price. 

  • Never trade on any advice related to market rumors, hot tips, Sure shot kind of messages.

  • Please trade with trading discipline; if we protect our capital with good trading discipline, profits automatically follow otherwise only luck will dominate you. Don’t depend on luck.

  • Do trade with Proper Target with Proper SL making the trade safe and profitable




  • Client will receive 1– 2 Calls in a Day. (cash & f&o Both).

  • 92 to 96% Success Ratio will be provided.

  • Get calls on a mobile during Market hours.

  • Most calls are from  BLUE CHIP STOCKS.

  • Calls will be provided via TELEGRAM/ WHATSAPP.

  • Calls depends on the market trends.

  • Recommendations are based on technical and fundamental basis.

  • Profit In Intraday: 0.3% to 1%.

  • Money management techniques used in the calls like trailing of stop losses as well as closure of positions prematurely to protect profits/reduce losses



It is pure intraday service, where customer will receive stock recommendation in Blue chip and f&o stocks.

It is best suitable for Beginners & Full time traders



It is High Risk service Because of volatility, Do trade carefully, We suggest to strictly follow stoploss.

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