Who We Are ?

SAI ONE STEP WEALTH ( SAI KARTHIC) is a Registered Research Analyst. Our
Chief Analyst & Founder Mr. Sai Karthic (MBA) who cleared all the said
examination,( 1 Research Analyst & 2 Exam of Equity Derivatives) having a 12
year of experience in the Indian Financial Market, and studying Indian Financial
the market for over the decade. We are very creative and dedicated research that always ready to fulfill the needs of our clients for giving all trading market Tips
We give personalized and exclusive service in trading market which consists of
Intraday / Positional . Our clients are very much satisfied with our work because
we provide the best  Trading services to them. Our advisory firm or website is
responsible and trustworthy because we recognize the needs of our customers and
provide Tips at reasonable tariffs. We offer recommendations in the trading market and
valuations based on strong technical analysis.

We provide Investment Advisory services In Equity, Derivatives & Mutual Funds. We are dealing in Financial Education & Training also and providing various important Educational module to enhance the financial awareness amongst Investors, Traders & others

To grow along with our clients by entering into the major global exchanges and make SAIONESTEPWEALTH the finest research house.
Ensures value-added services for our clients. Our aim is to build a real partnership with a limited number of clients by providing consistent, top quality service.

Our mission is to be a global corporation with a clear focus and to earn and be worthy of our customer’s trust by providing them with services which are economically and financially beneficial to them and to create awareness regarding the safe trading and investment amongst our clients around the globe

“Our first priority is our client’s satisfaction by providing them with timely and accurate advisory tips and caters one to one client’s attention.”

  • Our business philosophy is based on four core values –

  • Customer Focus

  • Employees

  • Research Excellence

  • Product Leadership

  • We believe that the ultimate identity and success of our firm relies on the exceptional quality of our people and their extraordinary efforts.

  • Therefore, we are committed to hire, develop, motivate & retain the best workforce in the industry.


SAI ONE STEP WEALTH has a Corporate Governance policy which is strictly followed by each and every individual associated with CapitalStars. The policy is as follows:

  1. SAI ONE STEP WEALTH respect the privacy of individuals (clients) and we use, store, and manage their records/data as per the privacy policy of the Government of India.

  2. We, as an Advisory Company, take care of the clients’ investments with us and ensure them the best possible returns.

  3. We believe that sound corporate governance is critical to enhance and retain investor trust. Accordingly, we always seek to ensure that we attain our performance rules with integrity.

  4. Ensuring that the best services are rendered to the clients.

  5. Continuous improvement in communication and reporting structure in the organization.

  6. Make a clear distinction between personal conveniences and corporate resources.

  7. Best possible utilization of the organization’s resources based on budgeting, financial, allocation, and other mechanisms.

  8. We strictly follow ethical business policies while growing our business.

  9. Have a simple and transparent corporate structure driven solely by business needs.

  10. Corporate governance standards should go beyond the law.

  11. A sound system of risk management and internal control.

  12. Compliance with all the applicable rules and regulations.

  13. We maintain the transparency of necessary information on a website that provides in-depth knowledge of our services in an accurate, efficient, and most accessible way.

  14. We make our communication and relationship with the clients simple and keep it as healthy as possible.

  15. We as professional organization maintain and store records of every single activity and keeps them accurate as per the Government Standards.

  16. Preserving the rights, interests and concerns of the employees as well as the clients.

Social responsibility is the responsibility of an organization to represent the impact of its decisions and activities on society, the environment, and its own prosperity.

CS believes in the philosophy of growing with one and all, understands its obligation towards the society & other concerned thus has come up with strong CSR policy and:

•CS acknowledges its responsibility towards the employees by providing them with fair wages & salary structure, excellent work environment, regular training & seminar sessions for the employees and freshers for grooming their overall personality & work culture, better employee welfare amenities like safe & secure infrastructure, working conditions, medical facility, leave &retirement benefits.

•CS acknowledges its responsibilities towards clients and hence protects and satisfy the client’s interest and make sure that everything is well taken care of.

•CS acknowledges its responsibility towards the Government and thus conducts their business in a lawful manner and abide by all the norms & policies laid by the government, honestly pay the tax and dues resulting into higher GDP and therefore benefits each member associates with the organization directly or indirectly.

•Regularly work for the community by raising charity to the handicapped, weaker section of the society also by providing relief to the victims of the natural calamities.


High level of accuracy on the basis of past performance in all domain of equity and commodity market.

Daily Track record available on our website for accuracy check in all the services.

Daily News letters and Research reports.


24*7 Supports for Clients Queries.

Committed and supportive one to one client attention.

Get a best customer support on


Our ever growing number of Clients speaks about our Quality.

Our management, core and support process helps us deliver long-term excellence.

We give reliable and consistent services in any kind of market.


“To provide fair, accurate, reliable and timely calls to our clients with full commitment and an innovative approach.”


We are willing to learn and adapt according to the clients ever changing needs with a positive attitude.”

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